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                           Reasons to remove Ads                        

Why is my listing removed?
Listings placed on the LoftyChoice  for some reasons may be removed. In this section, we will try to explain these reasons at various stages in order to prevent your ad from being removed by being fully aware of these issues.
Removing ads before posting on LoftyChoice:
Once you have submitted your listing your ad will be in the issuing or new status in your my advertisements section of personal profile which may take up to 24 hours and if you fully comply with the ad registration requirements your listing will be published on loftyChoice otherwise  your ad will have status notification of being rejected in my advertisements area and you may see a description beside for being rejected.You can read these reasons in the section" what are the most frequent reasons to remove Ads".
Reasons of Ad Deletion  
Some of the ads inserted in the web site might be deleted due to the following reasons:
Each ad will remain on the site for a specified period of time and you must renew the listing before it expires. You can find necessary information of updating your Ad in the " How can i renew my ad" on this page.
Removing due to user reports  
If your ad is reported by a large number of users, it will be removed from loftychoice.
Removing after ad editing
Once you have edited your ad, it will go through the publishing process and due to changes made by you, the ad may be deleted by the reasons outlined on this page in the section "Reasons of Ad Deletion".
If none of the above reasons were true about your ad or it is removed due to other reasons, report this to us via the contact us section or email of the company.
What are the most frequent reasons for ad removal?

here are some of most common reasons why ads are not published and with considering them you can easily submit your listing without problems.
If your ad is rejected, you will be notified about it in the description part of your my advertisements section.
See each of the following reasons for their description
According to the rules it is not possible to publish ads with similar contents. If you want to resubmit an ad similar to previous one, you must first remove your previous listing and then submit the new one. The ad removal guide is described in the " How can i remove my ad" part.This rule is based on user feedback and also improving experience of users.  
Departments and categories have been created to make it easier for users of "LoftyChoice" to search and access ads. When you place an ad, you choose a specific category depending on the nature of your product or service. If you have chosen the main department Incorrectly when submitting your ad, it will be rejected as "wrong category" and the suggested category will be in the description part of your advertisements section or it will be sent to the email you have provided to the company.  
If none of the mentioned reasons applied to your ad is true or if it is removed for another reason you can contact us here or by Email:
How can you remove your ad?
You can remove your listing at any time when it is in the review queue or has been published on LoftyChoice. To remove your ad, go to "my advertisement" part of your profile and then select the ad you would like to remove or edit. In this section, Select the edit or remove option.
                                                              Search and Filter                  
How can you find the ad you want?
You can search the product or service you want on "LoftyChoice" in several ways
when you type your word in the box on top of the page the site gives you suggestions similar to the product or service you want in different categories. If you choose suggestions of "LoftyChoice" your search will be limited to the specific category that you are offered, otherwise if you type the word on the search mark (magnifying glass), you product or service will be searched in all "LoftyChoice" categories. For example, when we search for the word "benz", "LoftyChoice" gives us suggestions from all the categories we can choose from and if we mean different from "LoftyChoice" Suggestions click on the category you want in the search box.
Search in "Loftychoice" departments and sub categories
you can also choose the category you want to view your ads by using the departments option at the top bar. It should be noted that, in addition to products and services Countries and major subdivisions of each country are also available for the convenience of the users all around the world. In all the abve methods you , price can make the search more accurate; For example things like age, type, number of views ... can be filtered so that our search is limited to our selected filters.
How can you add an ad to your wishlist?
This section is for quick and easy access to the ads you want so your ads wont get lost among the large number of "LoftyChoice" ads that are published at any time. You can simply enter the ad page and add the listing you want to your wishlist. After entering to "my advertisements" section in your profile area, there is a part "wishlist" that you can see your tracked ads and you can contact them at the right time or see different ads and compare them.